Interesting stories discovered and uncovered the first week of May, 2011

Positively Cognitive (Psych!)

Synthetic brain comes a step closer with creation of artificial synapse

And now Paul Ekman is selling training on how to detect microexpressions.

Political Views Tied to Brain Structure – ABC News

The answers are in: “What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?”

Middle-aged? Believe it or not, you’ve never been brainier

Does Time Run Faster When You’re Terrified? | Discover Magazine and the answer is….no.

Terence McKenna on Connectedness & Consciousness & Perception of Time

Interaction * Design * Cool Tech

Home Elephant: An App to Help Neighbors Help Neighbors – GOOD taking hyperlocal to the next level

Bacon fat keyboard lets real birds tweet (Wired UK)  how long till we get Shakespeare?

Not just for parolees anymore: GPS tracker for the cognitively impaired Big Brother is watching & geo-fencing

Shock it to me! Electric ‘Thinking Cap’ increases creativity – Dana Foundation  I’m wearing one now. bzzt! brings human-centered design to the Social Sector

Healthy Beings

Sitting All Day Is Worse For You Than You Might Think : NPR

How meditation might ward off the effects of ageing | The Observer

Buddhism and the Brain § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

Not sure which fruit & veg is better to buy organic? Let the pesticide levels be your guide.

Do Our Friends Make Us Fatter? : NPR

Ultra Cultural

Lifting The Veil: Muslim Women On Life With And Without A Headscarf :NPR Excellent storytelling